These are a few of the recipes I’ve tried and foods I’ve been loving!

+ Favorite summer dip here !

+ The absolute BEST protein cookies I’ve ever had in my life! Check out The Protein Cookie Company here !

+ My favorite aminos! They really cut back on my soreness and I believe really help with my recovery. I swear by Scivation BCAA’s, check them out here !

+ Flavod God seasonings are the best clean seasonings I’ve had! They’re gluten free & salt free. These won’t break your diet at all and you can use as much or as little as you’d like! Try Flavor God here !

+ Flavor God Chocolate Donut Muffins:

-2 ripe banans

-1 cup almond or natural peanut butter

-1/4 Flavor God chocolate donut seasoning

-1/4 cup maple syrup

-blend together until smooth & poor into donut mold, muffin tins or brownie sheet! Cook 30 mins or until top is lightly browned

+My Healthy Homemade Sweet Potato fries recipe here!

+FAVORITE ON THE GO BAR EVERRRRR: GoMacro Macro Bar in Sunny Uplift cherries + berries ; to. die. for.

+ Not eating is NOT a healthy way to lose weight! When you starve your body it basically goes into survival mode and holds onto any food you put in your body, thus storing fat for energy. Remember, try to get in 6 healthy balanced meals a day! Bring snacks, small meals & don’t use excuses to not eat – always MAKE time, that way you can’t say you don’t have time. Your health is a #1 priority! Any weight you do lose from not eating will be gained back + some when you finally fuel your body!


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