Fitness Update

I really enjoy doing these monthly updates & I think I’m going to start listing my goals on these posts to set myself accountable for each month. SO, I just got back from Florida on Saturday night & it was a nice relaxing vacation where I did nothing but shop, eat, swim and fish – perfect vacation. It was especially nice because I had a week to let loose before I started my half marathon training which started today.

As far as fitness goes, I think I adjusted my issue of eating whatever I wanted before vacation & I had a pretty good meal plan going & managed to lose about 5 pounds before vacation – which I’m sure I gained back on vacation, but I refuse to step on the scale lol. I find having food made and planned out really helped me – if you don’t plan, you’re planning to fail. I was on a pretty strict meal plan that I set for myself as well consisting mainly of lean meats, greens, and sustainable carbs, 6 times a day. I really feel my schooling is starting to kick in and allow me to understand proper nutrition and what exactly my body needs in order to function properly. I also allowed myself a cheat MEAL, not cheat WEEKEND like I had been doing. Honestly, it just takes a lot of will power & once you get that “just one piece of pizza” or “well, i already had 1 cookie, what’s another gonna do?” out of your head, it’s pretty easy to stick with it. It’s hard though, it really is. I know a lot of people struggle with the dieting aspect of fitness but food isn’t something we were meant to eat to enjoy, we were meant to eat to fuel our bodies. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cheats though & it’s actually essential to success because you can’t completely deprive your body of what it likes because then you’ll just crave it more & when you give in you’ll binge.

it’s all about balance.

So as far as fitness I’m cutting back now on my lifting to twice a week & doing more of a cross training type of workout & running 4 times a week. My half marathon training just started today and I had a rough 4 mile run with fartleks. If you don’t know, fartlek is a Swedish word that means speed play and basically you’ll run a faster pace for an allotted amount of time and run a constant pace for an allotted amount of time & switch between the two for however many miles. Today I had a mile warm up, 2 miles of fartleks and a mile cool down. For the first day of training I was shocked for sure because I haven’t ran in over 2 and a half months so my body was a little rusty, but my endurance definitely felt okay, which I was overjoyed about. I can already tell though that my hips and knees are going to give me problems. I figure foam rolling, ice and anti-inflammatorys are going to be my BFF. If you have any remedies for these issues, please help a girl out!

I also seem to really like the PowerBar energy chews on my runs & I really do feel like they make a difference, but they have caffeine in them & my body doesn’t handle that crash very well because I never drink pop or coffee. So, if you also have any gels/chews/powders you use- please help a girl out with that too!

Other than all that jazz, I’m pretty content with where I am with my fitness & I think I’ll definitely challenge myself for the month of June with my goals because if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you & ain’t that the damn truth.

July Goals:

1. Hit every long run of the month with confidence & keep up with training! (No skipping runs!)

2. Really stay strict on my meals and don’t get lazy with prep or eating! (One cheat MEAL a week!)

3. Stay ahead of knee/hip issues with stretching, foam rolling, icing & mobility! *********

I hope wherever you are in your fitness journey, it’s going well & I hope this motivated some of you to set some goals for yourself in the hot month of July! If you have any suggestions on hip/knee soreness or energy gels/chews please leave them below! Also, if you’d like to share your journey with me, I’d love to hear it!

As always, thanks for reading (:

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