Fitness Update

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to all that are serving, have served or may have lost their life in battle – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice. Also, congratulation to the Class of 2015 for graduating because I know a few schools by me had graduation this past weekend!

So, I think I’m going to start doing a fitness check in every month and post it on here to not only keep myself motivated but to hopefully break through to someone else who might be in the same spot I’m in! I’ve been consistent with my workouts for little over a year now and to date – I’ve lost around 35ish pounds because my weight fluctuates a lot. I’ve had issues the past couple months because I’ve kinda hit a plateau and I’m not gonna lie, it is a little disheartening seeing the number on the scale not change at all despite all the effort. My weak point is 100% my diet – I eat perfectly during the week and I work hard in the gym & it’s like I get to the weekend and I’m just like okay – I’ve been good all week, let me get a pizza, some mac and cheese some hamburgers and whatever else I can see in sight. Then come Monday, the 3-4lbs I lost during the week from last weekends binge are right back on & I’m back at square one. I’ve learned you cannot reward yourself with food. Instead, in my FitBook I’ve set weekly goals and rewards for myself that have absolutely nothing to do with food. Once you learn that food is only for fuel and you should always put good food in your body to be able to perform at peak, you’ll learn that you really don’t need that cheeseburger and fries.

I’ve gone from a jean size 31 to a 26 in this time, which has been where I’ve seen most of my progress. People always say go by how your clothes fit, not by the number on the scale and I’ve come to learn that’s so incredibly true. In the last couple months I know I’ve put on a good bit of muscle because I lift almost everyday. Once I realized this, I learned to stay off the scale as much as possible.

I seemed to realize a plataue around the same time I started lifting more, which I think might be part of the reason, and that’s totally okay with me. My fitness routine has changed a lot the last 6 months. I went from working out 2-3 times a week only lifting maybe 1 of those days to lifting at least 5-6 times a week and cardio 3 or 4 days a week + some crossfit normally 4-5 days as well. So I know I’m not hitting a stand still because I’m not active, I just need to give it time. Nothing worth having comes easy and I can see why people give up so easily when they hit a wall, because it really does feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, but you are – I promise.

“Without struggle, there is no progress”

What really seems to help me and keep me on track is a food and fitness log of every meal and every workout. Seeing what I did through the week not only gives a sense of accomplishment, but it really keeps you committed to eat well because if you eat a bad meal when you aren’t supposed to, you’re not gonna wanna write it down – so I always think, ‘Okay Ang, no – you don’t need 8 tablespoons of peanut butter because that’s a lot of calories and fat and that’ll look bad in the log’ LOL. That’s really helped keep me strict with my diet and I also make sure I get at least a lift or cardio in almost everyday. Meal prepping is also a huge help because if you already have your meals planned out and ready, you’ll spend less time with the fridge door open staring at the leftover chipotle from last night. This has also been a huge help because I’m really bad with never knowing what I want to eat, and by the time I would decide it was something I shouldn’t have been eating.

So I’ll do another check-in exactly a month from now & hopefully I’ll have stayed on track and these things will have kept working for me. Plus it’s summer & that’s extra motivation now knowing that if I want to be tan I have to actually go to the pool and lay out LOL.

Let me know some tips and tricks you use to stay committed to your diet & also if you’re in a similar position as me ! We all hit rough spots on our journey, but that’s what makes it so interesting! Thanks for reading (:

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