I’ve got some news..

So this happened over the weekend, but I wanted to wait to make the announcement at the start of the week cause sometimes Monday’s need a little excitement.

I’m officially an affiliate of Shields of Strength !!!

I’ve been so excited to tell this news & if you’re not familiar with this company I’ll give you a little bit of insight!

The first Shield of Strength was made in 1997 as a simple reminder. The idea came from a few scriptures Kenny’s wife Tammie had written on his equipment while he was chasing a dream of winning a National Championship. Tammie made that decision after seeing he was scared to death waiting for his turn to compete at the US Nationals. Kenny appreciated her encouragement but had no idea the power that was in God’s word. It’s a much longer story (told in his book “Shields of Strength”) but after those scriptures got off his equipment and into his heart and he then learned to act on God’s word he was changed forever. So much so that he wanted a daily reminder of God’s word in his life but would have looked kind of funny carrying around his athletic equipment so he engraved them on a dog tag and wore them under his shirt. In time he found someone that needed that reminder as much as he did so he gave it away and made another one. That was the beginning of Shields of Strength. He never set out or even dreamed they would one day reach our military and millions of others in need of the power found in God’s word. Kenny says “making Shields of Strength has been the most humbling experience of my life.”

Somewhere around 1998 they were placed in the first store and did well enough to spread to others. By September 11, 2001 they had spread to enough stores that a few soldiers had found them. Colonel David Dodd took the first 500 into combat with his soldiers and word spread through the military but nothing could have prepared Kenny for the response after Capt. Russell Rippetoe was killed in action wearing a Shield of Strength in 2003. President Bush honored Capt. Rippetoe in his Memorial Day speech and read the scripture from Russell’s shield to the Nation. After that the Associated Press called, then Fox News, CBN, and so on. Since then, Shields of Strength have made more than three million shields all with the prayer they would serve as an effective reminder of God’s word. They have donated hundreds of thousands to our military and other ministries.

Now all these years later, Shields of Strength have become one of the most worn emblems by the US Military. So many US troops were wearing them in combat that Commanders of the British Royal Army called requesting as many as 8000 at a time for soldiers in their command. Churches use them as outreach tools, hospitals for encouragement, athletes for courage, and thousands of others for their personal trials this life always finds a way to bring. Kenny says “my favorite thing to do is to take one off my neck and give it to a stranger.” For years Shields of Strength were all dog tags but after repeated requests we have now rolled out a ladies line. All of the Shields of Strength ladies jewelry will have a scripture on the back. We call it Jewelry With Power and pray you connect with the power more than the jewelry. One thing we know for sure is that if that scripture gets off that jewelry and into someone’s heart they will be changed forever. That is our mission.

I think the story behind this company is absolutely amazing and the reasons they make their products is a great reminder to always keep God in your workouts. With His power and love, you’ll achieve anything you set your mind to. I truly cannot begin to explain how incredibly blessed I am to be able to work with this company and help spread their amazing message. Many huge athletes wear their products such as Ronnie Coleman, RG3, and in the 2014 NFL Super Bowl, players from both teams were wearing Shields of Strength products. These are just to name a few among the countless number of athletes, big and small, who wear these reminders everyday.

They have SO many different products from necklaces to athletic tape to lifting belts & earrings – there’s something for everyone. They have both products for men and women with about 5 different chain lengths, 4 different finishes and just about every sport or fitness activity you could think of. I recently ordered the Tiffany Blue stainless steel weight plate & I am in love with it. The quality of this necklace is beyond what I imagined and I would put money down that it could withstand any workout I put it through.


Wearing this through my workouts will definitely give me an extra push because I know the pain I’m enduring with my workouts is minimal compared to what He went through for our sins. To have love for so many people like that is indescribable.

If you’re considering getting one of these or any of their products I 100% back up their products and message. Visit http://www.shieldsofstrength.com/#_a_Kettlebellbeauty & when you create an account you’ll get a 10% off coupon for your first order !

Again, I am so blessed to work with this company and I can’t even believe it. Thanks for everyone’s support & as always, thanks for reading (:


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