What’s in my Gym Bag ?!

Just a quick post on some of the things I always have in my gym bag ! Enjoy (:


I always keep extra shoes with me because if I want to go run I can! I usually wear my Reebok Nanos to the gym for lifting & Crossfit – so keeping comfortable running shoes with me is a must!


Lifting straps – I don’t really use these a whole lot because they can essentially make you stronger than you actually are, but they’re good to have for assistance with dumbbell rows!


My fitbook has quickly become my favorite tool for in & out of the gym! I can write my PR’s down, what exercises I did & also all my meals w/ calories and times! I find it really keeps me on track with my diet, which is huge because that’s the hardest part for me. This is one of my most important tools & I also just love notebooks & stationary things – so this is perfect! It also has a section for water and macros which I like a lot – plus research has shown that writing down what you eat can help you cut anywhere from 500-1000 calories in a day!


I don’t always chew gum because sometime it makes me suck too much air in & then I get bloated – but this gum is really good & helps curb my sweet tooth – so I always keep it with me !


Protein bars! I usually always have food with me anywhere I go. If I’m hungry after a workout and my protein shake wasn’t enough, I’ll eat one of these. I really like these because they’re not only really good, but they’re pretty good for you as well!


I use these on days where going to the gym feels like a job. These are a good alternative to pre-workout because they’re sugar-free and there’s nothing really bad in them like some pre workouts. They don’t taste the best, I’m not gonna lie, but when you don’t have all kinds of additives, what do you expect? LOL – just chug it & plug your nose !


Wrist wraps saved my life with some of the olympic lifts. I have a bad wrist & these really help stabilize and take the pressure off of them. These are 100% a must for me!


Aminos! I think these aminos by scivation are the best I’ve tried. They taste great and I really do feel like they help with my next day soreness. I also think they help me power through my workouts when I’m feeling sluggish. I sip these throughout the day & my workout!


Protein is always a huge part in working out because it helps build muscle faster than if you didn’t take any at all. This Cellucor protein isn’t my favorite, but it’s what I’m working with for right now. The flavor is Peanut Butter Marshmallow and I’m not gonna lie, it takes everything I have to get it down :X Nonetheless, protein in general is very very important for recovery & growth no matter what the brand!


My favorite headphones. I hate wires, so these are perfect & they sound fantastic! Plus, what’s a workout without music?


My Garmin Forerunner 15! I only use this for my runs, but it’s my favorite running watch to date! I’ve tried a few and I just love all the features of this one, plus it’s not too big and bulky!


Random, but I always have chapstick because my lips get dry when I run or sweat too much – so this is a must!

& of course I ALWAYS have tons of water with me because it’s so incredibly important to stay hydrated while you workout. I also always have face wipes with me to get the sweat & dirt off but I used my last wipe yesterday and threw the container away 😦 I always use the Say Yes to Cucumber wipes that you can get for pretty cheap at Target!

Let me know what you keep in your bag!

Thanks for reading (:


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