Triangl Swimwear Review!

Recently I purchased a Triangl bikini to keep myself motivated for summer with my workouts and diets. I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it to the pool yet (because our pool still isn’t open -_-) but I wanted to do an initial review and update as I get to wear it more over the summer. So I’m going to include pictures, my thoughts, and an overall review of how I feel about the bikini and the brand below. Enjoy (:

First off, if you’re not familiar with Triangl, they’re a business based out of Australia that’s known for their swimwear. Being out of Australia, the shipping is absolutely ridiculous. It’s about 20$, but I did get my suit in less than 4 days – so that’s alright I guess. They have tons of different styles, colors and sizes to fit every person & they also come out with limited edition suits every once in a while. I’ve never heard anyone say that their suit was poor quality or it ripped/broke/etc. so I guess you really get what you pay for with this brand. The website even has a chat feature so you can chat with an actual person if you’re confused about sizes or styles!

So, the bikini comes in a scuba suit material (neoprene) drawstring bag, which I think is a nice gesture, but it’s honestly too small to keep all my pool necessities in. Nonetheless, it’d be good to put a wet bikini in and they come in some pretty cute colors!


Next, onto the actual bikini itself. The style I purchased was the Lulu in Tutti Frutti which was 79$ +20$ shipping (103$ total). I absolutely am in love with the color of this set! It has bright yellow bottoms and a white & pink top that I think will look great with a tan. The style however, isn’t necessarily meant for bigger chested girls. I purchased a Large thinking an XL would be way too big – but I probably would’ve been better off with the XL. I did get a Large in the bottoms as well & they fit okay, but going down a size probably would’ve been better (ya live & learn). Triangl runs very small, as does every Australian company for some dumb reason. So If you purchase a Large, you’re actually getting a Medium in US sizes. The Large fits, it just shows a lot of skin (something to keep in mind if you’re bigger chested). The tops also aren’t padded, but they’re so thick I don’t think you’ll need it! Having said this, the bikini is AMAZING quality – it’s a really thick neoprene material and it has heavy little squares on the ends of all the strings that say Triangl on them. I don’t see these bad boys ripping or coming apart – so having spent 100$+ on this, I’m okay with it. Now, these suits are HIGH maintenance. You can’t fold them because neoprene creases really easily, you cannot wash them in a washer – hand wash only – you have to lay them completely flat to dry and you have to store them flat as well …… are we serious..?



So overall, would I recommend Triangl to everyone? Yes. I would. I feel like these will last a long while and they’re really great quality. The colors are to die for and the styles are so cute. They’re expensive but I really do feel as though you get your money’s worth with these and you won’t regret buying it (just make sure you get the correct sizes – LOL). I’ll do another update after I’ve worn and washed them a few times but as of right now I don’t think I’ll change my mind, buuuuuut ya never know. I hope this was informative and you decided to either buy or not buy a bikini! If you’ve tried Triangl, let me know your thoughts & if you like them or not! As always, thanks for reading! (:


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