Fitness Update

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to all that are serving, have served or may have lost their life in battle – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice. Also, congratulation to the Class of 2015 for graduating because I know a few schools by me had graduation this past weekend!

So, I think I’m going to start doing a fitness check in every month and post it on here to not only keep myself motivated but to hopefully break through to someone else who might be in the same spot I’m in! I’ve been consistent with my workouts for little over a year now and to date – I’ve lost around 35ish pounds because my weight fluctuates a lot. I’ve had issues the past couple months because I’ve kinda hit a plateau and I’m not gonna lie, it is a little disheartening seeing the number on the scale not change at all despite all the effort. My weak point is 100% my diet – I eat perfectly during the week and I work hard in the gym & it’s like I get to the weekend and I’m just like okay – I’ve been good all week, let me get a pizza, some mac and cheese some hamburgers and whatever else I can see in sight. Then come Monday, the 3-4lbs I lost during the week from last weekends binge are right back on & I’m back at square one. I’ve learned you cannot reward yourself with food. Instead, in my FitBook I’ve set weekly goals and rewards for myself that have absolutely nothing to do with food. Once you learn that food is only for fuel and you should always put good food in your body to be able to perform at peak, you’ll learn that you really don’t need that cheeseburger and fries.

I’ve gone from a jean size 31 to a 26 in this time, which has been where I’ve seen most of my progress. People always say go by how your clothes fit, not by the number on the scale and I’ve come to learn that’s so incredibly true. In the last couple months I know I’ve put on a good bit of muscle because I lift almost everyday. Once I realized this, I learned to stay off the scale as much as possible.

I seemed to realize a plataue around the same time I started lifting more, which I think might be part of the reason, and that’s totally okay with me. My fitness routine has changed a lot the last 6 months. I went from working out 2-3 times a week only lifting maybe 1 of those days to lifting at least 5-6 times a week and cardio 3 or 4 days a week + some crossfit normally 4-5 days as well. So I know I’m not hitting a stand still because I’m not active, I just need to give it time. Nothing worth having comes easy and I can see why people give up so easily when they hit a wall, because it really does feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, but you are – I promise.

“Without struggle, there is no progress”

What really seems to help me and keep me on track is a food and fitness log of every meal and every workout. Seeing what I did through the week not only gives a sense of accomplishment, but it really keeps you committed to eat well because if you eat a bad meal when you aren’t supposed to, you’re not gonna wanna write it down – so I always think, ‘Okay Ang, no – you don’t need 8 tablespoons of peanut butter because that’s a lot of calories and fat and that’ll look bad in the log’ LOL. That’s really helped keep me strict with my diet and I also make sure I get at least a lift or cardio in almost everyday. Meal prepping is also a huge help because if you already have your meals planned out and ready, you’ll spend less time with the fridge door open staring at the leftover chipotle from last night. This has also been a huge help because I’m really bad with never knowing what I want to eat, and by the time I would decide it was something I shouldn’t have been eating.

So I’ll do another check-in exactly a month from now & hopefully I’ll have stayed on track and these things will have kept working for me. Plus it’s summer & that’s extra motivation now knowing that if I want to be tan I have to actually go to the pool and lay out LOL.

Let me know some tips and tricks you use to stay committed to your diet & also if you’re in a similar position as me ! We all hit rough spots on our journey, but that’s what makes it so interesting! Thanks for reading (:

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Refreshing Summer Dip!

So I came across this dip recipe on Facebook about a month ago and had been meaning to try it because it looked absolutely delicious and I was told that it was as good as it looked! The original creator of this dip is Marilyn Hanbury from her Facebook page and looking through her recipes she has some AMAZING looking stuff! So I decided to give this stuff a whirl since I loved (almost) everything in it! + Recently becoming a member of Healthy Living Blogs, I decided now was a good time to do my first recipe!

So first to start off you need 2 jalapeños, 1 red bell pepper, 1 can of corn [no salt added] & plain non-fat greek yogurt. The recipe also called for a half a can of sliced olives but I couldn’t find the low sodium ones so I just omitted that! So this is what you’ll have once you have all your ingredients together! *I used the sweet potato chips for dipping!


After you chop the red bell pepper & chop + de-seed the jalapeños you’ll want to add the whole can of corn and 16 oz of Greek yogurt together!


^ All the ingredients!


^ All the ingredients in a bowl together before combining!


This is the final products and I tell you, it’s delicious with the sweet potato chips! I also added a little pinch of Himylayian pink salt and a bit of my Flavor God Garlic Lovers seasoning [here + they’re 100% clean and won’t ruin your diet!] After calculating one serving (4 oz) came out to be around 100 calories, low salt (if you use no salt added corn) and zero fat! Basically it’s completely guilt free and I can’t wait to eat some while I’m sitting by a pool this summer because it’s got really great flavor and it’s really refreshing! Next time, I might leave 1/2 of the seeds from 1 jalapeno in to add just a little bit of heat!

Let me know if you try this and if you like it + also, what are some of your favorite clean summer snacks?!

Thanks for reading (:

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I’ve got some news..

So this happened over the weekend, but I wanted to wait to make the announcement at the start of the week cause sometimes Monday’s need a little excitement.

I’m officially an affiliate of Shields of Strength !!!

I’ve been so excited to tell this news & if you’re not familiar with this company I’ll give you a little bit of insight!

The first Shield of Strength was made in 1997 as a simple reminder. The idea came from a few scriptures Kenny’s wife Tammie had written on his equipment while he was chasing a dream of winning a National Championship. Tammie made that decision after seeing he was scared to death waiting for his turn to compete at the US Nationals. Kenny appreciated her encouragement but had no idea the power that was in God’s word. It’s a much longer story (told in his book “Shields of Strength”) but after those scriptures got off his equipment and into his heart and he then learned to act on God’s word he was changed forever. So much so that he wanted a daily reminder of God’s word in his life but would have looked kind of funny carrying around his athletic equipment so he engraved them on a dog tag and wore them under his shirt. In time he found someone that needed that reminder as much as he did so he gave it away and made another one. That was the beginning of Shields of Strength. He never set out or even dreamed they would one day reach our military and millions of others in need of the power found in God’s word. Kenny says “making Shields of Strength has been the most humbling experience of my life.”

Somewhere around 1998 they were placed in the first store and did well enough to spread to others. By September 11, 2001 they had spread to enough stores that a few soldiers had found them. Colonel David Dodd took the first 500 into combat with his soldiers and word spread through the military but nothing could have prepared Kenny for the response after Capt. Russell Rippetoe was killed in action wearing a Shield of Strength in 2003. President Bush honored Capt. Rippetoe in his Memorial Day speech and read the scripture from Russell’s shield to the Nation. After that the Associated Press called, then Fox News, CBN, and so on. Since then, Shields of Strength have made more than three million shields all with the prayer they would serve as an effective reminder of God’s word. They have donated hundreds of thousands to our military and other ministries.

Now all these years later, Shields of Strength have become one of the most worn emblems by the US Military. So many US troops were wearing them in combat that Commanders of the British Royal Army called requesting as many as 8000 at a time for soldiers in their command. Churches use them as outreach tools, hospitals for encouragement, athletes for courage, and thousands of others for their personal trials this life always finds a way to bring. Kenny says “my favorite thing to do is to take one off my neck and give it to a stranger.” For years Shields of Strength were all dog tags but after repeated requests we have now rolled out a ladies line. All of the Shields of Strength ladies jewelry will have a scripture on the back. We call it Jewelry With Power and pray you connect with the power more than the jewelry. One thing we know for sure is that if that scripture gets off that jewelry and into someone’s heart they will be changed forever. That is our mission.

I think the story behind this company is absolutely amazing and the reasons they make their products is a great reminder to always keep God in your workouts. With His power and love, you’ll achieve anything you set your mind to. I truly cannot begin to explain how incredibly blessed I am to be able to work with this company and help spread their amazing message. Many huge athletes wear their products such as Ronnie Coleman, RG3, and in the 2014 NFL Super Bowl, players from both teams were wearing Shields of Strength products. These are just to name a few among the countless number of athletes, big and small, who wear these reminders everyday.

They have SO many different products from necklaces to athletic tape to lifting belts & earrings – there’s something for everyone. They have both products for men and women with about 5 different chain lengths, 4 different finishes and just about every sport or fitness activity you could think of. I recently ordered the Tiffany Blue stainless steel weight plate & I am in love with it. The quality of this necklace is beyond what I imagined and I would put money down that it could withstand any workout I put it through.


Wearing this through my workouts will definitely give me an extra push because I know the pain I’m enduring with my workouts is minimal compared to what He went through for our sins. To have love for so many people like that is indescribable.

If you’re considering getting one of these or any of their products I 100% back up their products and message. Visit & when you create an account you’ll get a 10% off coupon for your first order !

Again, I am so blessed to work with this company and I can’t even believe it. Thanks for everyone’s support & as always, thanks for reading (:

What’s in my Gym Bag ?!

Just a quick post on some of the things I always have in my gym bag ! Enjoy (:


I always keep extra shoes with me because if I want to go run I can! I usually wear my Reebok Nanos to the gym for lifting & Crossfit – so keeping comfortable running shoes with me is a must!


Lifting straps – I don’t really use these a whole lot because they can essentially make you stronger than you actually are, but they’re good to have for assistance with dumbbell rows!


My fitbook has quickly become my favorite tool for in & out of the gym! I can write my PR’s down, what exercises I did & also all my meals w/ calories and times! I find it really keeps me on track with my diet, which is huge because that’s the hardest part for me. This is one of my most important tools & I also just love notebooks & stationary things – so this is perfect! It also has a section for water and macros which I like a lot – plus research has shown that writing down what you eat can help you cut anywhere from 500-1000 calories in a day!


I don’t always chew gum because sometime it makes me suck too much air in & then I get bloated – but this gum is really good & helps curb my sweet tooth – so I always keep it with me !


Protein bars! I usually always have food with me anywhere I go. If I’m hungry after a workout and my protein shake wasn’t enough, I’ll eat one of these. I really like these because they’re not only really good, but they’re pretty good for you as well!


I use these on days where going to the gym feels like a job. These are a good alternative to pre-workout because they’re sugar-free and there’s nothing really bad in them like some pre workouts. They don’t taste the best, I’m not gonna lie, but when you don’t have all kinds of additives, what do you expect? LOL – just chug it & plug your nose !


Wrist wraps saved my life with some of the olympic lifts. I have a bad wrist & these really help stabilize and take the pressure off of them. These are 100% a must for me!


Aminos! I think these aminos by scivation are the best I’ve tried. They taste great and I really do feel like they help with my next day soreness. I also think they help me power through my workouts when I’m feeling sluggish. I sip these throughout the day & my workout!


Protein is always a huge part in working out because it helps build muscle faster than if you didn’t take any at all. This Cellucor protein isn’t my favorite, but it’s what I’m working with for right now. The flavor is Peanut Butter Marshmallow and I’m not gonna lie, it takes everything I have to get it down :X Nonetheless, protein in general is very very important for recovery & growth no matter what the brand!


My favorite headphones. I hate wires, so these are perfect & they sound fantastic! Plus, what’s a workout without music?


My Garmin Forerunner 15! I only use this for my runs, but it’s my favorite running watch to date! I’ve tried a few and I just love all the features of this one, plus it’s not too big and bulky!


Random, but I always have chapstick because my lips get dry when I run or sweat too much – so this is a must!

& of course I ALWAYS have tons of water with me because it’s so incredibly important to stay hydrated while you workout. I also always have face wipes with me to get the sweat & dirt off but I used my last wipe yesterday and threw the container away 😦 I always use the Say Yes to Cucumber wipes that you can get for pretty cheap at Target!

Let me know what you keep in your bag!

Thanks for reading (:

Triangl Swimwear Review!

Recently I purchased a Triangl bikini to keep myself motivated for summer with my workouts and diets. I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it to the pool yet (because our pool still isn’t open -_-) but I wanted to do an initial review and update as I get to wear it more over the summer. So I’m going to include pictures, my thoughts, and an overall review of how I feel about the bikini and the brand below. Enjoy (:

First off, if you’re not familiar with Triangl, they’re a business based out of Australia that’s known for their swimwear. Being out of Australia, the shipping is absolutely ridiculous. It’s about 20$, but I did get my suit in less than 4 days – so that’s alright I guess. They have tons of different styles, colors and sizes to fit every person & they also come out with limited edition suits every once in a while. I’ve never heard anyone say that their suit was poor quality or it ripped/broke/etc. so I guess you really get what you pay for with this brand. The website even has a chat feature so you can chat with an actual person if you’re confused about sizes or styles!

So, the bikini comes in a scuba suit material (neoprene) drawstring bag, which I think is a nice gesture, but it’s honestly too small to keep all my pool necessities in. Nonetheless, it’d be good to put a wet bikini in and they come in some pretty cute colors!


Next, onto the actual bikini itself. The style I purchased was the Lulu in Tutti Frutti which was 79$ +20$ shipping (103$ total). I absolutely am in love with the color of this set! It has bright yellow bottoms and a white & pink top that I think will look great with a tan. The style however, isn’t necessarily meant for bigger chested girls. I purchased a Large thinking an XL would be way too big – but I probably would’ve been better off with the XL. I did get a Large in the bottoms as well & they fit okay, but going down a size probably would’ve been better (ya live & learn). Triangl runs very small, as does every Australian company for some dumb reason. So If you purchase a Large, you’re actually getting a Medium in US sizes. The Large fits, it just shows a lot of skin (something to keep in mind if you’re bigger chested). The tops also aren’t padded, but they’re so thick I don’t think you’ll need it! Having said this, the bikini is AMAZING quality – it’s a really thick neoprene material and it has heavy little squares on the ends of all the strings that say Triangl on them. I don’t see these bad boys ripping or coming apart – so having spent 100$+ on this, I’m okay with it. Now, these suits are HIGH maintenance. You can’t fold them because neoprene creases really easily, you cannot wash them in a washer – hand wash only – you have to lay them completely flat to dry and you have to store them flat as well …… are we serious..?



So overall, would I recommend Triangl to everyone? Yes. I would. I feel like these will last a long while and they’re really great quality. The colors are to die for and the styles are so cute. They’re expensive but I really do feel as though you get your money’s worth with these and you won’t regret buying it (just make sure you get the correct sizes – LOL). I’ll do another update after I’ve worn and washed them a few times but as of right now I don’t think I’ll change my mind, buuuuuut ya never know. I hope this was informative and you decided to either buy or not buy a bikini! If you’ve tried Triangl, let me know your thoughts & if you like them or not! As always, thanks for reading! (:


Last night I went to a concert at a local bar for the country singer Michael Ray – who was fantastic live! Anyway, I am in love with this top I recently bought and was just looking for a reason to wear it. Thanks for reading (:


TOP: Amuse Society from Buckle (out of stock 😦 – BUT) I like this one too! | JEANS: KanCan here | SHOES: Target (old) I like these too! | HAIR: NuMe Titan 3 here (favorite curling wands ever) | WRISTLET: Tory Burch All-T Leather Wristlet here | EARRINGS: Buckle (old) similar here and here

Check out Michael Ray here !


Last night I went to a concert at a local bar for the country singer Michael Ray – who was fantastic live! Anyway, I am in love with this top I recently bought and was just looking for a reason to wear it. Thanks for reading (:


TOP: Amuse Society from Buckle (out of stock 😦 – BUT) I like this one too! | JEANS: KanCan here | SHOES: Target (old) I like these too! | HAIR: NuMe Titan 3 here (favorite curling wands ever) | WRISTLET: Tory Burch All-T Leather Wristlet here | EARRINGS: Buckle (old) similar here and here

Check out Michael Ray here !

April Favorites!

I don’t know about anyone else but I am SO happy April is over. There was so much stress from finals week and the last few weeks of school I felt like April was a year-long. I’ve been neglecting to post for a while but I’ve been so wrapped up in studying that I had literally no time for anything else. Thank GOD finals are over & now I can enjoy summer. My April favorites will be very random and mostly makeup because my workouts have really been the same and I’ve been using the same stuff the past month! I’m done rambling so now let’s get into some favorites!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – $62 at Nordstrom


I’ve raved so much about this foundation, but honestly it’s my favorite foundation I’ve probably ever used. It’s really pricey, but I promise that it is worth ever single penny. The finish it gives your skin makes you look like you’re glowing from within and have zero flaws on your face. It gives great coverage and I don’t feel like it ever clings to any dry patches I may have on my face. I’m oily and I don’t find this to ever make me look like a grease ball, but I also set it with a powder. It lasts for a while too with a powder- without a powder I find it lasts for about 3-4 hours before I have to start blotting and touching up. I’m shade 5.5 and it matches perfectly & there is a HUGE range of shades!

Tory Burch Large All-T Leather Wristlet in Juniper Berry – $185 at Nordstrom


I love this thing! My wonderful mother got it for me after I finished school for a congratulatory gift & it’s quickly become my favorite everyday carryall! It actually fits my iPhone 6 plus and so much more! I have enough room in there for my phone, cards, ID, lipsticks, liners, lip glosses, blotting powder and any other random thing I may need. I like it because 1. the color is life – it’s freakin beautiful & 2. because I hate carrying big purses to the store, bars or any other place I may go & this cuts down on all the things I have to carry! It’s perfect for summer & I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it. Thanks mom (:

Maybelline Rebel Bloom lipsticks – $7.49 at Ulta


So I swatched these a few times and thought about buying them, but I never did because I just wasn’t sure I really loved them. So finally, I bit the bullet and bought not one, but two of these and I absolutely love them! I have the colors Blushing Bud and Peach Poppy. Blushing Bud is much more pink than what shows in the container and Peach Poppy is pretty true to color. I love these because they aren’t drying like most drugstore lipsticks and the colors are beautiful for spring & summer. If you’re looking for a good lipstick for a great price, I’d go check these out!

Cassey Ho’s Hot Body Year Round book – $12.53 on Amazon


This book is amazing! Cassey Ho is a YouTube fitness personality and she’s so motivational and inspiring! This book gives you countless workouts, recipes and meal plans – you can’t go wrong. There’s also a ton of motivational quotes in the book as well & stories she tells along the way. I love Cassey because she’s such a great soul inside & out that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support this amazing woman! She has an amazing video on YouTube about body shaming and I really think everyone needs to watch it – so I’ll link it here!


Probably the thing I was most excited about is my new makeup vanity/workspace. I’m head over heels about it and could not be happier! It’s all from Ikea & they were all separate things (I’ll link them all down below). I have SO much more storage with this and I don’t feel overwhelmed and crowded like I did with my old vanity. If you’re a makeup hoarder like I am, you need this in your life. Table top, drawers & chair ! I’m in love with it all!

Nice Stems candle – $12.99 at Target


One whiff of this in Target & I was sold. This thing smells SO good. It’s very floral and clean smelling with not too much of an overpowering flower smells. This candle smells exactly like Peony &  Blush Suede from Jo Malone. It’s hard to describe the smell but if you see this at Target, you need to get it because it’s amazing. Plus it’s soy so it’ll burn forever and won’t give off a black smoke like B&BW candles tend to do!

Sinful Colors nail polish in Sail La Vie – $2.99 at Target


This color is beautiful and just looks very pretty on the nails! It’s from the Bloom Blast collection, which has a TON of pretty colors, that recently came out. It stays on for a good amount of time as well without chipping or looking streaky. I’d definitely check the out if you get the chance!

MAC Peaches blush ($22) & MAC Prep & Prime in Radiant Rose ($26)


I put these both together because they’re both MAC products & I think they look beautiful together! Peaches is a very peachy/coral colored blush and it just looks so natural and beautiful on the cheeks. It’s the perfect color for most skin tones & I think it’ll be great for summer. I also use the prep & prime stick in radiant rose which gives BEAUTIFUL glow on top of concealer. They have different shades for different undertones, but I’m pink undertone so I got this color & it’s perfect with my skin! You just can’t go wrong with MAC!

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in #15 Sensible – $34 at Chanel counters


I know, it’s a lot for a lipgloss, but honestly it’s more like a laquer when it goes on. It’s very thick & pigmented and gives pretty great coverage with one application. Chanel can do no wrong in my eyes and their stuff is always great quality- which is why I have no problem spending money there. It’s not sticky and it lasts a pretty long while & it smells like every Chanel product does – which is a great bonus. The shade I got is a very pretty light pink ! And has anyone seen their new packaging for these and the lipsticks?! It’s fabulous!

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation – 11.99 at Target


So I’ve heard so much about this foundation & I decided to give it a try and see what all the hype was about. Let me tell you, this stuff is high end quality, at drugstore price. It reminds me a lot of the new NARS foundation because it’s a demi matte finish and looks beautiful on the skin. I had to get two colors though which is the only downside because the color range was kind of nonexistent. But when I mix Natural Buff & Shell Beige together, I get the perfect color for my skin tone! It lasts for a pretty long time too, I didn’t have to blot or touch up for about 7 hours, which is amazing for drugstore makeup. The coverage is great too, it really covers everything & is medium coverage, but definitely buildable to full coverage! It also feels like nothing is on your skin & I didn’t think it looked cakey at all when I applied it with a beauty blender! Definitely the best drugstore foundation I’ve used in a while!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage concealer – $28 at Sephora


This is easily the best concealer I’ve used, even better than the NARS creamy concealer, by far! It’s full coverage with one swipe and feels so weightless underneath the eyes- so basically it does exactly what the name says, even though it’s incredibly long. I think UD did an amazing job with this concealer & it doesn’t crease AT ALL underneath my eyes, even with wearing it for a while. I’m in the shade Fair Neutral and it’s perfect for me! I would recommend this stuff to everyone & if you don’t have it already, you need it now!

Jo Malone Body Creme in Peony & Blush Suede – $75 at Nordstrom


$75 for a lotion? C’mon. Really? YES! If you’ve tried Jo Malone stuff before you know there’s a reason as to why it’s so expensive. It keeps you hydrated literally for 4 days if you didn’t shower and it smells, just, omg. There’s no way to explain it correctly because it’s just amazing. This is my favorite scent she makes and I just love this stuff. It’ll last forever too because I’ve had mine since January and I still have well over 3/4 left in the jar. Definitely give her products a try!

Nike Free 4.0 in Tropical Twist w/ Swarovski Crystals – Gold Home Couture


I’m just obsessed with these things. They’re beautiful and they’re my favorite color. What more could a girl want? I got them off of the same Etsy store I got my blingy Nike gym bag from, which is linked in the description and I just can’t. She used the highest quality crystals and you can definitely tell with the way these beauties sparkle! They’re also a great price for how high demand these things are. I’ve seen some pairs go for over $300 on eBay ! Give her Etsy store some love !! She’s an amazing person!

I hope you all get some ideas on some new products you want to try from this post & let me know if you try and love any of them! Also let me know some of your April favorites! Thanks for reading (: