Spring Running Essentials!

So I’ve been MIA for a little bit because the end of the semester is hitting hard & finals week is upon us. With that being said, I wanted to get a post up about things I love to have when I run. If you didn’t already know, I’m training for the Air Force Half Marathon! This is my first ever half and I’m excited/nervous/anxious & all the emotions in between about it! So I’ve been running quite a bit and the Spring is honestly my favorite time of the year to run because the weather is great & there’s the pretty scenery of everything coming to life after this disgustingly cold winter we’ve had! Unfortunately the bulk of my training will be in July and August (OMG) so let’s all say a quick prayer that I get through the hot training days!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite things to use/wear while I run! (:


Investing in a good watch is a great idea for training or just wanting to see progress! This is the Garmin Forerunner 15 & I love it! It shows miles, calories, pace, time and splits (which are very important for training)! It’s not too big & it’s by far my favorite watch I’ve owned! Check it out here!


Shoes! Probably the most important part of running. If your shoes suck, your runs will suck! Getting a good pair of shoes that fit your personal needs is a huge part of running! I have the Brooks Glycerin 12 ‘s and it’s by far the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever ran in! They have all kinds of colors here !


Energy gels and chews are a new thing I just came into and so far I love them for longer runs! I haven’t experimented with many but I definitely love the PowerBar ones for longer runs! I keep them with me and pop one every time I feel myself slacking off and they give me an instant burst of energy! The Shot Bloks are also a favorite of mine at the moment!


Fanny Packs! I know, I know, the 90’s are long gone & I myself confess to thinking these were dorky, BUT – they are extremely useful! I have the iPhone 6+ so it’s really too big to put on my arm. So putting it in one of these allows me to keep my phone, keys, mace, chews, etc. all in one place for easy access! This company makes tons of cute patterns and solid colors that are perfect for spring!


Audio Book / Music playlists! Running can get boring sometimes, so I find listening to an audio book makes it a little less boring! I find if I listen to a book, I want to run more because I want to keep listening to find out what happens next- LOL. I use Audible.comΒ and I’m currently listening to this book ! A good music playlist is always a great option too!


Obviously with the audio book, you’ll need to use some sort of headphones! These beats wireless headphone are my favorite! Especially because there’s no annoying cord hitting my face while I run! If you don’t already have wireless headphone- I suggest you invest in some because if you hate having cords annoy you while you run, these will solve your problems !


With it being Spring, the sun is starting to show itself a little more again, thank goodness! So SPF is always a must because you don’t want to expose yourself to too much UV light and risk getting burnt! This Hawaiian Tropic is my favorite because it kills 2 birds with one stone as a moisturizer and SPF in one for your face! Regular SPF is also important for your arms and legs as well! Also, you don’t want your lips to get burnt which will chap them and make them darker! This Jack Black is my favorite because it isn’t sticky and it has a really high SPF of 25! Get the SPF here and the lip balm here !


These aren’t necessarily for while you’re running, but after I exercise, if I don’t immediately shower after, I use these wipes on my face to get the sweat and dirt off! With it being spring, the sun is out and you tend to sweat a lot more. They’re hypoallergenic, soothing, and 95% natural! They have tons of different kinds here !


They don’t say April showers bring May flowers for nothing.. It’s spring, so sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. If it’s raining, this is my favorite rain jacket. It’s light, roomy, and can we just appreciate that color for a second?! Nike has a bunch of functional and cute ones here !


This post wouldn’t be complete without my favorite shorts ever! These are the perfect running short because they’re so light and give your quads a ton of room to move! They also have a zip pocket on the leg to store whatever else you may need! Get them here if you haven’t already!


WATER! The most important thing of all. If you’re running a long run, you’ll want to keep yourself hydrated to perform at your best! I really like this one which is pictured above because it has 2 small water bottles and also a pack in the middle to store all your stuff! Spring weather can get above 75 and running for 1.5 hours + you’ll definitely need all the hydration you can get!

These are a few things I found essential to running in the spring that I usually always have with me when I run! Let me know some of your essentials for running & as always, thanks for reading (:


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