Detox Waters!

Here’s the deal with detox waters.. So many people think detox waters are a magic potion of fruit and water that you drink and magically lose weight without lifting a finger. No. That’s just not how it works. In fact nothing works like that. So are detox waters good for you? Yes! They’re great and can be really beneficial to your health, but without exercise and a good clean diet, you’re not going to see much change in your weight. I thought I’d give some of my favorite recipes in this post and tell you exactly how they can be beneficial to you & your health. But remember, these will really only work if you eat well and get some kind of exercise in!

With summer coming up (thank the lord), a lot of these recipes will be great for hanging out by the pool & catchin’ some rays. They’re really refreshing and give you multiple benefits! For most of these I include lemon because lemon clears your skin, boosts energy, revs up the metabolism, balances pH, boosts immune health & combats stress along with many other health benefits! Here are some of my favorites (:

Mint & Lemon water: lemon obviously has a lot of health benefits and with the addition of mint it gives a big kick of antioxidants & tastes really refreshing!


Lemon, Strawberry, Lime & Cucumber water: Lemons with the wrinkle prevention & antioxidants of strawberries, the extra vitamin C from the limes and cucumbers ability to fight inflammation and help maintain a healthy weight- this is a GREAT water for your system!


Ginger & Orange water: Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and also promotes a healthy digestive system. All this mixed with the tons of vitamins & nutrients oranges offer, will make sure your body is running smoothly.


Blueberry, Orange & Mint: Oranges also help stimulate the immune system. Mixed in with the the digestive aids of mint with the brain health & free radical clearing of blueberries- this is essentially a super drink with a ton of health benefits!


Strawberry, Lime & Cinnamon: Lime also helps curb your appetite & in a drink like this could really help curb your sweet tooth! When mixed with the biotin in strawberries which helps hair, nails, and skin & also with cinnamon’s ability to stabilize blood sugar levels! This is great for a hot summer day!


I use these infusers by Blogilates for my detox waters because they’re adorable & have a time line on the back to keep you on track with your intake!


These are also really great because you get a ton of your daily intake of water in without realizing how much water you’re actually drinking! You’ll stay super hydrated which will in turn keep your body functioning at its optimal level !

I hope you all enjoyed this post & try out some of my favorite recipes! Let me know if you like them and also let me know what some of your favorite recipes are if you also like detox waters! Thanks for reading (:


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