March Favorites!

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So as we’re coming to the end of what I like to think is the last winter month of the year (THANK GOD), I wanted to post a few items I used obsessively throughout the month of March. They will consist of makeup, fitness items and just random things I couldn’t get enough of. If you like any of these items let me know in the comments or tell me what some of your favorite items are, I’d love to hear because as we all know I love a chance to buy/try something new! Thanks for reading! (:

Disclaimer: I am NOT a photographer nor do I really have any experience with a camera. I grabbed the camera my parents used to use to take pictures at soccer games and random events- don’t judge haha.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation SPF 18- 60$ at SephoraIMG_5430

So I bought this stuff back…

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March Favorites!

So as we’re coming to the end of what I like to think is the last winter month of the year (THANK GOD), I wanted to post a few items I used obsessively throughout the month of March. They will consist of makeup, fitness items and just random things I couldn’t get enough of. If you like any of these items let me know in the comments or tell me what some of your favorite items are, I’d love to hear because as we all know I love a chance to buy/try something new! Thanks for reading! (:

Disclaimer: I am NOT a photographer nor do I really have any experience with a camera. I grabbed the camera my parents used to use to take pictures at soccer games and random events- don’t judge haha.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation SPF 18- 60$ at SephoraIMG_5430

So I bought this stuff back in December I believe and I used it maybe once or twice and I was obsessed both time I used it. Well I just recently discovered my love for this foundation again at the beginning of the month. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s YSL and in my eyes they can do no wrong with makeup.It claims to have all day comfort- YES, I’ve never had such a comfortable, breathable foundation before. It says it has a soft-matte finish- uhhh, it feels like you’re putting velvet on your face. It also has SPF 18, which is great for the coming summer months because remember, your face/neck ages the quickest and nothing ages you faster than the sun, so put your sunscreen on. No tan is worth looking like a leather bag when you’re 50. If you’re curious, my shade is BR30- cool almond.

NARS Audacious Lipstick: Anna- 32$ at SephoraIMG_5433

THIS. LIPSTICK. IS. GORGEOUS. Guys! Oh my god, I am obsessed. I searched like 4 different Sephora’s and none of them had it until I went to a small one inside JC Penny’s and got the very last one! This is easily my favorite lipstick I’ve ever purchased and beats the hell out of all my MAC colors. It’s 32$ though… Seriously NARS? Whatever, beside the price, its a beautiful smoky rose color and I really don’t think it will look bad on any skin tone. This stuff is PIGMENTED too, one swipe across the lips and you’re covered for about 2-3 hours. It has a satin finish which I like because I hate skinny lipsticks (MAC frosted lipsticks… yuck) and sometimes I find matte to be super drying. I find using it with MAC Whirl is the best color combination and prevents the lipstick from fading too quickly. This lipstick is the best of all worlds when it comes to lipsticks & will be beautiful no matter the season!

stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick: Patina- 22$ at Sephora or Ulta


So this lipstick is basically the same exact color as NARS Anna, BUT- its a liquid, matte dry lipstick. When still said Stay All Day- they weren’t kidding. The first time I put this on and let it dry, I had to use avocado oil to get it off. Its a beautiful dusty rose color & it has great coverage and pigmentation. I didn’t even need to use a lip liner with this color and it lasted for a good 6 hours before it started fading near the inside of my mouth but that’s probably just because I talk too much. It was also really moisturizing, it felt like I was applying water to my lips when I put it on. It has vitamin E and avocado oil in it, so it’s a great lipstick to wear as we try and recover from out wintery crusty crust lips.


swatches. Patina on left, Anna on right.

Nike duffle bag with Swarovski crystals- 95$ on Etsy


I LOVE this bag. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it fits anything and everything I need to take to the gym. I was using a drawstring bag to carry my Crossfit shoes, lifting straps, wrist wraps, protein and amino bottles, keys and water………. yeah. So this fits all that and honestly, if I wanted to put my cat in it and bring her I probably could. The owner of this Etsy shop is so incredibly nice, she answers any and all questions you may have and her prices are amazing because this is the best quality of Swarovski crystals I’ve seen to date. She has Nike shoes with crystals on them too and I plan on buy a pair, or 5, very soon! If you’re interested, check out her Etsy shop! Her prices are great and her product is amazing!

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0- 119$ at Rogue


So for a while I was lifting in Nike shoes, and I’m gonna be honest here- Nike’s shoes are so adorable and I will continue to buy them for a lifestyle shoe, but they are NOT good lifting/exercise shoes. I was getting toe cramps and my arch of my foot would spasm every time I would do a Jerk or anything like that. So I invested in these babies and I will never go back. They have a wide toe box, opposed to Nike’s narrow toe box, that is great for lifts we do in CrossFit and Reebok really took their time with comfort on this shoe. I have never put a more comfortable shoe on my foot in my whole life. The stability these give you is also great! During Open Workout 15.5 there were A LOT of thrusters (if you did the workout, you know what I’m talking about…) and I felt so much more stable on my feet as I came up out of a squat and pressed the bar above my head. I’ll definitely be investing in more of these!

lululemon Tracker II short *2-way stretch- 54$ at lululemon


I feel like I start every favorite off with “OMG I’M OBSESSED” or “OMG THESE ARE AMAZING!” But seriously…. THEY ARE AMAZING! These are by far the most comfortable pair of shorts I own (and I own 3 pairs) and I wear them for everything, CrossFit, soccer, walking, school, running, sleeping, everything. They’re so incredibly roomy- for my girls with bigger thighs, you need these. The website also says they’re sweat-wicking, but I wear compression shorts under mine when I workout so I cannot attest to that fact. But they are super lightweight and they have a side pocket with a zipper on them which is convenient for runs where you need to carry a key or money or what have you. Amazing, amazing shorts and these are probably my favorite favorite of the month 😀

iPhone 6 plus


Again, OBSESSED. I love this phone and I know everyone thinks it’s a huge tablet and blah blah blah. I had the 5s before this phone and there’s just so much more on this phone! I honestly don’t know the difference, but I do know the camera is 5 times better and the battery life is amaze balls. My 5s would usually die in about 5 hours, but at the end of the day with this phone I still have close to 70% battery left. I went for the gold and I just love the hell out of it. If you think it’s too big, I assure you, my little midget hands (thanks Dad..) handle it just fine.

graze food subscription box- $6.99/week/bi-week/month



So, I love food. Seriously, I eat every 2.5-3 hours. This is a food subscription service that you can request on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. I went for the bi-weekly service so I get 2 boxes a month. They have some really great choices to choose from on their website and you get 4 cute, pre-portioned snacks in every box. My mom and I both have this and the way it worked out with her bi-weekly service, we get a box every week! I pay 14$ a month for 8 snacks I don’t have to go out and buy, which isn’t bad considering I’ve done a service before that was 20$ a month 😦 I usually get a pretty good box and I’m currently munching on the thai sweet chili bites and they’re delicious. I like how I can grab a little snack and take it to school or wherever! If you’re interested in trying a box, I have a coupon code that gets you your 1st and 5th boxes for FREE! Code: MMYQDZQNB

benefit PUFF OFF!- 29$ at Sephora


So I was unsure about this stuff after I got it. It seemed like it wasn’t doing anything. Until I tried it on a day where I had some SERIOUS eye bags and dark circles. It got rid of them almost completely and I looked like I had gotten 7 full hours of sleep opposed to the 4 I had actually gotten. It says it’s supposed to soothe puffy eyes and decrease the look of creases under your eyes. It really does too. I have really dry under eyes and they’re just really crease-y naturally no matter how much eye cream I put on. But this stuff really helps and the iron-tip applicator it has really cools and soothes the eyes. I also put it on before my makeup and I find my concealer creases MUCH less throughout the day when I have this stuff under it!

beats Powerbeats wireless headphones- 200$ at Target


If you’re anything like me, these will save your life in the gym, on runs or any time you listen to music. I always used the earbuds I got with my phone or any other ones and they would CONSTANTLY fall out of my damn ear! I’m getting frustrated right now just thinking about it -_- and the cord I had to have plugged into my phone… no… just no. So I got these for Christmas and I use them every time I run or go to the gym and they’re amazing. Beats is known for their bass sound quality and these deliver just as much as the beats Solo headphones. They also have ear hooks, which sometimes come off, but I have small ears so that’s probably why, and it’s 15 times better than normal headphones still. They’re also bluetooth up to 30 feet so there’s no cord ! They also have a pretty good battery life of 6 hours on a full charge, sweat resistant, hands-free call taking and a volume control on the cord. They’re amazing, and you need them.

Monogrammed Sparkly water bottle- 22$ on Etsy


I love anything sparkly and blue so drinking water out of this doesn’t suck haha. I drink around 64-70 ounces of water on a daily basis but for some reason, when I drink with this- it doubles. I have no idea why but I feel like I’m constantly filling it up and drinking more water. It’s so adorable and it’s insulated so your ice doesn’t melt in 4 seconds and give you kinda-cold water. The Etsy shop I got this from has LOADS of cute monogrammed/sparkly things and the owner is too sweet! I’ll leave her shop linked below so you can check it out!

Redken Blonde Idol custom tone violet conditioner- 32$ at Ulta


If you get your hair colored blonde and you aren’t using a purple shampoo/conditioner, you need to start. There’s cheaper ones out there, but this one is the best one I’ve found for my personal hair color. It has a customizable nozzle on the top that you can adjust to either give you more violet conditioner or more regular conditioner. I use this in the middle ( about 3.5) twice, sometimes 3 times a week. I just recently got my hair colored and I always love the color for a good month, then my blonde turns brassy, and I hate it. So this REALLY helps with that. It’s supposed to extend the vibrancy of your blonde in between salon visits and it deep conditions your hair. It absolutely does both and it smells really good too, which is always a plus, right?

Well, I hope you all liked this post and found a new product you want to buy or try out! I love all of these products and I really think anyone who tries them will too. Let me know some of your favorites!


So this blog has been a long time coming. I’ve contemplated to myself many times of starting a blog on my passions, fitness and beauty. I’m so excited to share my fitness journey, my favorite makeup products, my favorite fitness products and honestly anything else that comes to mind with everyone who reads this!

So my fitness journey started about a year ago when I made the decision to get a personal trainer who honestly changed my life in so many ways. I’ve played soccer competitively since the age of 4 so exercise was never an issue for me which in turn made eating healthy not a necessity because I was always at practice or games or speed training. When I graduated high school I made the hard decision to not continue collegiately and to just play on the side for fun while I focused on my education (LOL yeah right, more like partying). Well being the typical college student, time really wasn’t something I had a lot of being a Nursing major. Years went by and before I knew it, I was 20 years old, a college sophomore and I had gained about 30 pounds since high school. This was a serious eye opener because I had tried so many times to go to the gym and eat better- when in reality this is what caused all my weight gain (yo-yo dieting is a bitter old bitch). So in April, I decided I’d had enough and I got a personal trainer. I didn’t expect myself to stick with it, but here I am, a year later, 35 pounds lighter and I have more muscle in my arms, legs and back now than I ever had in high school. I’m a huge CrossFit lover and I stay inspired by girls like Sam Briggs, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Annie Thorisdottir for #fitnesslifegoals (lol) and also bloggers like Sarah Fit, Blogilates and LeanSecrets to help give great life and fitness advice. I’m no where near finished with my fitness journey and I can’t wait to share the rest of it!

march 2014 on left to september 2014 on right.

march 2014 on left to september 2014 on right.

Now on to my makeup passion (obsession). I never really cared about what foundation I wore, what mascara I used (even if it made me have clumpy spider lashes) or even that my eyeliner made me look like an Avril Lavigne knock off circa 2004. Upon stumbling upon beauty blogger icons such as Dulce Candy, Jaclyn Hill, Casey Holmes and Nicole Guerriero, I had a serious heart to heart with myself about my catastrophe of a makeup and skincare routine (or lack thereof). Now I can’t help but stalk Sephora for new products and this is where my obsession and love of makeup came from. I’m also a huge advocate that if you treat your skin well, your makeup will look 10x better, which also started a skincare obsession. But is that really an obsession because it’s quite necessary in my eyes? Whatever the case, I love finding new products and would eventually love to do freelance makeup for whoever wants their makeup done (holla!).


So, with all this said- this blog will be a main place for me to share my everyday thoughts, new makeup items, new fitness obsessions and really anything else that comes to mind. I’m not a cosmetologist nor a dietician- but I do know my fair share of information on health and fitness (I’m currently a Sports Science major) and I enjoy doing makeup & let’s be real- there’s no limitations or rules with makeup- if you like it, you do you boo boo! I’m hoping this blog inspires at least one person to find something their passionate about and take it & run.

“When you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”